About Us

About Us

Professional Property Developers India (Pvt) Ltd - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Professional Property Developers India (Pvt) Ltd are one of Coimbatore's Property Developers with Rich Experience, having Offices Throughout Tamil Nadu. Each one of these Offices are well Networked to the Real Estate Market thereby Exchanging Vital Information to ensure our Clients Receive the Best Buying and Selling Opportunity Throughout Tamil Nadu.

We take Pride in Ourselves on being through Professionals in the Real Estate Field. To Ensure that Our Offices maintain a High level of Service and a Quality Operation we Assess them Regularly. Our Quality Standards Programmers Assess Offices on all Aspects of Client Relationships and the selling process to ensure Your Real Estate Experience is a Pleasant one.
As the Result, We have a Strong Reputation for Our Services when it comes to Quality, Ambience & Features. Our Offering are Characterized by well Developed Area & High Value land.

In Addition, We have a Strong Commitment to Education and Consistent training Ensuring our Consultants are Familiar with current market conditions and we can deliver you Exceptional Service. We have a Strong Membership of locally Owned Real Estate operators who are the Heartbeat of Our organization. Professionalprop was created by the Members with Profits going back into Membership Services to Build a Stronger Brand and a Better Real Estate Service for the Clients.
Indulge your Self in Our Services and Settle for Fabulous Moments of Satisfaction.
You will be able to see Actual Photos of the Listed Properties and also our Live map will Help you in finding the Location of the Property.

The professionals Story....

The year was 2013, Seven Independent Real Estate Agents in Tamil Nadu with over two decades of experience shared a vision to join Together and form a Real Estate Group which would be Unique in its Own way and will make a Difference in the present Real Estate Scenario. This vision Paved the way for Professionals™ Group which was founded with the Aspiration to provide world class service in the Real Estate Market with a Strong Public presence and Corporate identity shared benefits from operating within a Strong, Supportive Network status.
While the founding Members of Professionals were Independent Real Estate Proffesionals, an Important Focus has always been placed on All Members Owning the Brand and driving the future direction of the Group.

The group has maintained its Membership Culture to become one of the Top Real Estate Groups in Tamil Nadu with a wide Network of Branches. Professionals™ is Loved and Envied by many; being considered Fresh, Innovative, Service Oriented, Professionals truly are the Group of the Future.

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