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This cold-water pressure washer with alternating current drive is for commercial end customers, the superbly equipped top device in the compact class.  The HD 6/15 C Plus in standing boasts impressive mobility, compactness and a height-adjustable shaped aluminum push handle profile. The advantage of this push bar is that it can be easily adjusted (no tools required) to the body size. When extended, the accessories thanks to the generous storage space is always tidy handy and secure. In the retracted position, this handy unit can easily be stowed in any estate car or service vehicle.  Among familiar Kärcher features such as a full shock-resistant plastic, the high-pressure pump from damage and soiling. Very good and are an electric cable retractor (with plug lock) and a nozzle compartment on the rear panel.  A variable pressure flow control on the device provides pressure water amount adjustment to the required cleaning task. The included triple nozzle ensures a fast and easy jet changeover. You have the choice of high-pressure jets, high pressure fan jet (25 °) and the low-pressure fan jet (40 °). The low-pressure fan jet (40 °) is used for dispensing cleaning agent. With the Reinigungsmitteldosierventil detergent can be mixed continuously with the high-pressure jet.  The three-piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons and a brass cylinder head guarantees a long service life and low susceptibility to faults. The special feature of this newly developed pump is that both the water inlet and high pressure output from brass. Thus, we achieve a very high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

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