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About Us

It all started with a search for the perfect birthday present where we ended up trawling through both physical and cyber stores looking for that special gift but to no avail. That’s when it hits us that many like us could very well be facing the same problem.

We don’t simply want a standard off-the-shelf product. What we want is the ability to have a say in the design so that it’s not only unique but most importantly appropriately expresses our emotion, our voice and our sincerity. And that’s when is born !

At, you’ll find an easy-to-use platform that we built to enable anyone to customize merchandises for friends, special occasions or simply to make a fashion statement.

We then ask ourselves “Why not make it fun and rewarding for all who visit” With that, we added the capability for you to upload and manage your design creations and best of all, get paid every time someone uses your design on the merchandise they bought !

Our green logo ‘W’ represents a smiley face with a stroke way beyond the ‘boundary’ to show that anything can be done here. At, everyone is a designer and is a place for your imagination to run wild. Have Fun with!